My name is Miguel Andrade. I'm a writer, and occasionally a photographer. I’ve been writing about food and travel for different international publications, including The New York Times, Esquire, Wired, Fool Magazine. I’ve been an event consultant, a pop-up planner, and even a barista at a chocolate shop.

I grew up in Lisbon, Portugal, went to high-school in Brussels, Belgium, moved to the UK for my Masters in Economics, then briefly in San Francisco, and now I’m back in Lisbon, where I live.

My maternal grandfather was born in Goa (India) as well as his 12 siblings. My paternal grandfather was born in the Azores (Portugal) and his family predecessors were sailors that went to Canada in the 15th century and have a statue in Newfoundland. My mother was born in Mozambique and my father in Angola, both met in Morocco.

I’ve been a researcher and wanderer, focusing the last 10 years discovering Portugal’s impact in many countries across the globe and how those places have shaped Portuguese cuisine over the centuries.